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In our series are the Direct Acting Type Pressure Control Valve which uses either internal or external Pilot pressure to make the valve operate.  By the different way of assembly, the valve can be functional as low pressure Relief Valve, Sequence Valve or Unloading Valve.

Our ‘J’ Series valve is direct acting type Pressure Control Valve with a Check Valve built in, so that free reverse flow can be accomplished.  The valve can then be served as sequence valve or Counter balance Valve.

Our  ‘J’ Series Valves can use either internal Pilot, or external pilot.  When it is used as sequence Valve, it should be externally drained, and it used as Counter Balance Valve, it should be internally drained.

The different type of Counter Balance Valves are :
  • Sequence Valve & Counter Balance Valve.
  • Insert Type Counter Balance Valve.