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  • ALL SERIES are Liquid Filled
  • Water Proof, Shock resistant, and closed structure are durable and accurate, good for long time running.
  • Special materials of movement and bourdon tube have lasting durabilities.
  • It is applicable to the places of both strong fluctuation and non-corrosion fluid such as air, water and oil.
Features : Push Twist Removal Bezel-RB series and crimped on Bezel-CB Series
Type : Pressure Guage, Vacuum Gauge, Compound Gauge.
Nominal Size : 100mm
Case : Stainless Steel AISI 304 supplied with LM,CBM or LBM mount type and blow out disk on the top
Tubing : Brass or Phosphor Bronze.
Movement : Brass
Correction : Brass ¼ “,⅜”,½”, NPT, PT, PF.
Pointer Type: “ General (Selective Adjustable Pointer)
Accuracy : ± 1.5% FS
Scale : PSI, BAR, Kpa, Mpa, KG/Cm² (Single or Dual Scale)