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All series are liquid-filled.

All series are stainless steel products with water proff, vibration proof, and closed structures which are capable against acidity, alkalinity and corrosion.  With the features of durability and accuracy, it is also good for long time running.

  • Special materials of movement and bourdon tube have lasting durability.
  • Specially it is applicable for corrosion fluid and strong fluctuation

Type: System Pressure Guage
Nominal Size: 40-50mm
Case: SS304 supplied with LM/CBA/LBM Mount type and blow out disk on top.
Tubing: Stainless Steel A1SI 316
Movement: Stainless Steel A1SI 304
Correction: Stainless Steel A1SI 304 / 316 ⅛” / ¼”, NPT/PT/PF
Pointer Type: General
Accuracy: ± 2% FS
Scale: PSI/BAR/Kpa/Mpa/Kg/cm²